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6 tips to keep the kitchen organized

Is very difficult to keep the kitchen organized, maybe more difficult than other rooms. In each meal is necessary to use many items such as food, dishes, pans. Also after every meal is needed to wash the dishes. So, is common that the kitchen became messy.

To stop this mess and help you, we have 6 tips to help you. The cabinet, shelves and the pantry will be always clean and organized.

Use aluminum cases
If you need more drawers you can use aluminum cases instead to optimize your kitchen space.

Shelves for condiments
Have you ever seen this kind of shelves on supermarkets or furniture stores¿ They are very useful to keep the kitchen organized. With them is possible to use empty spaces inside cabinets to storage condiments.

Optimize cabinet space
If your kitchen cabinet has much space is a great idea install some shelves inside it to store your dishes and glasses.

Organize the food
Is important to keep everything clean and organize have pots for sugar, coffee, rice and many foods that comes in bags.

Pile frying pans
This is an amazing idea: one tool to pile frying pans. Frying pans usually makes a big mess inside cabinets.

Drawer partitions
If you have a big drawer with a lot of space you can put your dishes inside it. The partitions makes easier to keep it organized.



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