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Baby Room Ideas

When a woman finds out she is pregnant she already starts to think about Baby Room, and then many doubts about decorating come out. What color would it be¿ What theme should I choose¿ What kind of furniture should I buy¿

A important thing to highlight about decorating a baby room is that: the newborn needs calm and relaxation to have a good sleep. So, thinking about it, light colors are the best to choose. This baby boy room, for example, is all in white and light-blue.

The wooden floor already has a strong color, so the furniture is all in white to creating a calming room. To have some color in the room there is the blue checked pattern on the fabrics and blue details on the furniture. Also the wall is blue. Have a changer dresser is very important. The shelf with coat hooks is great because makes easier to change the baby’s clothes.

There is a decorative tree, equipped with a toy swing for plush animals, it is either fun and calm for a baby room (strong colors and draws are better for older kids).

Don’t forget the nursing chair! And use the same fabric in all furniture to keep a clean decoration.

Then relax and enjoy the baby!


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